Manage your entire crypto farm from a web browser!

  • From a single WebUI you can monitor & control all farming & plotting on many computers.

  • Offers Chiadog, Plotman, Madmax, Bladebit, and Forktools in a single Docker image.

  • Runs on Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, Raspberry Pi OS, Unraid, TrueNAS, Synology and many more...

  • Supports all official Chia pools! Farms many blockchains including Chia, Chives, MMX, Flax, and BPX among others.

  • Easy to install, free to use, internationalized, and fully Open Source, with an active community for support.

Try Now! Easy install for Machinaris

  1. After installing Docker on your computer, complete the web form below to generate your configuration.

  2. In a 'machinaris' folder, copy the generated configuration into a docker-compose.yml file.

  3. Open a command-line, like Terminal or Powershell, in that 'machinaris' folder, then run "docker compose up -d" to launch.

  4. Run 'docker logs -f machinaris' to monitor launching, then browse to http://localhost:8926.

Next Steps...

Useful docker-compose commands:

  • To stop: docker compose stop

  • To remove: docker compose rm -f

  • To upgrade: docker compose pull && docker compose up -d --force-recreate

Learn more @ the GitHub project including our discussion forum. Get more help on our Discord server.